Our Instructors

Chef Sharon Christensen, CEC, A.S., CNC

Chef Christensen, formerly a nurse, made her career change to culinary over twenty years ago when she created her own restaurant serving vegan lunches. Located in Lake county and known as Nature's Bounty. The restaurant became known for its organic Bounty Burgers,  hearty soups, fresh-squeezed juices, fruit smoothies and salads.

Ten years ago, Chef Sharon took on new responsibilities as the Executive Chef at the former Weimar Institute of Health and Education and Head of Vegan/Vegetarian Culinary Arts Program at Weimar College. In 2005, she completed coordination of Educational Assurance and Recognition by the American Culinary Federation.

Being a Certified Executive Chef with the ACF and a Certified Nutrition Consultant, she has spent years developing vegan menus and recipes. As Director of the Vegan Culinary Academy, she will provide the setting for high quality instruction, demonstration of skills, and individualized coaching to assist each culinarian in achieving his or her culinary goals.

Chef Ray Duey, CEC  (Guest Instructor)

Chef Ray Duey of Woodbridge,  California, uses apples, melons and other fruits and veggies as his medium to work artistic magic for students.  In one example, students learn to take a green apple, slice layers and arrange the pieces to first resemble a butterfly,  then,  just minutes later, a swan.

Duey, a Certified Executive Chef and member of ACF California Capital Chefs Association has spent the last two decades developing his skill and creating fruit-and-vegetable carvings for weddings, events, classes, and seminars.  In 2004, he opened Chef Ray Presents, where he teaches the specialized art form to a wide variety of professionals across the United States.  Duey has received numerous awards in national and international competitions,  In addition, he also is Corporate Executive chef at Buffet Euro, San Francisco,  California.  Chef Duey's instructional DVD, " Chef Garnish Presents Playing with Your Food" is one of the texts for "Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen".

 For more information visit his website at: http://www.chefgarnish.com/

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