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 Hello, I'm Chef Sharon with the Vegan Culinary Academy. We are here to show you how to fix vegetables and whole grains with fruits and nuts by techniques enhancing health, flavor, and eye appeal.

Our instruction is all on line. You set the schedule; we deliver the goods. No webinars or skype appointments. With these lessons, students study at their own pace, fitting assignments around work and family commitments by using eBooks, customized how-to demonstrations, and hard-copy texts.

Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen, an eighteen-lesson, professional course benefiting chefs, cooks, dietitians, wellness coaches, and cooking class instructors provides one-on-one instruction and flexibility for those wanting to learn with a hands-on method. Enrollment is only a computer click away.
Chef Sharon Christensen, CEC®, Director of the Vegan Culinary Academy, former restaurant owner, proctor for Prometric Food Safety , Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation.

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Vegan Cuisine for the
Commercial Kitchen

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The China Study was a 20-year study that compared the mortality rates of meat eaters and plant eaters. They found that countries that ate more animal-based food were more likely to have higher death rates from “Western diseases,” while countries that ate more plant food were healthier.
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