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Distance Learning Center

Now teachers and students don't have to be in the same place at the same time to accomplish quality training—even for hands-on disciplines.

Students wishing to study vegan cuisine may do so anywhere in the world if they speak and write English, have internet access and use of a computer, printer, and digital camera or cell phone with photo capability. The innovative course, Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen, provides online instruction with a downloadable eBook lessons in PDF format, video demonstrations, and feed-back from a qualified vegan culinary instructor. Supplemental instruction materials include hardcover textbooks, a DVD, and CD-ROMs.

Class times are flexible. Students read the eBooks and other textbooks, watch demonstrations, and then follow step-by-step practical assignments in making dishes with recipes specifically chosen to enhance the techniques being studied. As part of an assignment, pictures are taken, food tasted, and self-evaluation of the food recorded to send to the instructor for further analysis and mentoring. Within the student's own kitchen, on the student's schedule, culinary skills and techniques are introduced, practiced, and refined.

Each lesson's assignments are evaluated with personalized comments and suggestions given by a qualified culinary instructor.

Most lessons include recipes developed specifically for use in the course. These are given in two volume amounts: 8 servings, and 40 servings. Each lesson requires approximately 10-15 hours to complete.

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