Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online course, Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen, work?

Students are sent a lesson composed of four parts: 1) eBook, 2) Supplemental Reading, 3) Quiz, and 4) Practical Assignment. After reading the eBook and supplemental reading assigned from other hard copy texts that come with the course, online videos, demos, and/or articles, the student answers the 10-question quiz within the eBook and clicks “submit” to send it back to the instructor. It is graded and comments, along with the Practical Assignment, are returned to the student. The student proceeds to do the Practical Assignment contained in another eBook format and upon completion, sends the eBook back to the instructor. The instructor reviews the finished work and sends a letter of observations and guidance to the student along with Lesson 2 or 3 or 4 and so on.

Connecting to the sample lesson link, reading it and completing the quiz, enables us to evaluate the probability of success of each applicant in finishing this course in a timely manner. Here is the link to the sample lesson:

Click to download and view sample lesson:   Click Here

Do I receive all material right from the beginning?

Yes, everything but the eBooks which are sent as the student completes each lesson and practical assignment.

Would I need to work through each lesson and send my assignments to the academy?


Would there be one instructor for the whole course or several instructors for each lesson?

We believe that students do best with one instructor throughout the course to build rapport and better serve individual learning styles.

What basic knowledge is required to take the course?

A high school diploma or its equivalent.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?


Is there fixed times during the year for enrollment?

No. Because of the individualized structure of the course, a student may start at any time and proceed at his or her own pace.

What is the cost of the course?

This information is provided after step 3 i the enrollment process.
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