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Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen

Course Information

At the Vegan Culinary Academy, we have connected with many individuals who wish to learn vegan culinary arts but cannot afford the time, travel, and cost of a resident progrm. If you are one of these persons, then this online course may be just the opportunity you are looking for—learning the techniques and art of vegan cuisine in your own kitchen.

Through specially designed eBooks and video demonstrations, students use their computer, printer, a digital camera, and internet/email access to gain knowledge and skills in vegan cuisine preparation and presentation. Hard copy textbooks and tools complement the eBooks written for the course and other online supplemental material.

Not everyone may be suited for the course. Successful students must have a high degree of discipline, interest in the subject, and level of motivation in order to succeed. We don't accept everyone who applies or is interested. Our application process is designed to assure success.

Through internet-based training, students wishing to study Vegan Cuisine for the Commercial Kitchen may do so no matter what country they live in as long as they speak and write English. Class times are flexible. For each of the 18 lessons students read the eBooks, additional textbooks, watch demonstrations, and then follow step-by-step instructions to make dishes using customized recipes written and tested specifically for the course. After cooking, students take pictures, taste finished foods, then email specific, requested information to the instructor.

Within the student's own kitchen, on the student's schedule, culinary skills and techniques are introduced, practiced, and refined. Each lesson's assignments are evaluated with personalized comments and suggestions given by a qualified culinary instructor certified with the American Culinary Federation. Questions and answers transpire by email.

Each lesson requires approximately 10-15 hours to complete, including reading, viewing of demonstrations, practice of skills in the kitchen, and writing brief reports accompanied by digital pictures to send back to the instructor.

We find that each individual has a unique reason or situation motivating them to take the course and we wish to make the course fit their needs as close as possible. After filling out the application and receiving financial information, prospective students will be called for a telephone interview, or in the case of overseas applicants, interviewed by Skype. The interview is the final step of enrollment before applying and paying for the course.
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